Good God Episode 47: Cheryl Allison

She grew up a good Baptist girl, singing in the youth choir, only to realize eventually that she was gay. How did that effect her relationship to the church and to God? Listen to Cheryl Allison talk about all this and more on this episode of Good God. 

Good God Episode 46: Pastor Andy Stoker Part 2

The United Methodists made a historic decision last week about LGBTQ people. This episode of Good God was recorded in late spring of 2018. George talks with the pastor of First United Methodist Church of Dallas Andy Stoker about the expected events in the upcoming year and how he hoped it would go: "My hope and prayer for Methodism is that we don't have to vote congregationally. My hope and prayer for Methodism is that it becomes a denominational decision where we together are deciding what an open table really means." Listen to their conversation and hear more about what Andy means by the church being an open table, as well as the church's role in the City of Dallas.

Good God Episode 45: Sports Personality Matt Mosley Part 2

George Mason and Sports Personality Matt Mosley talk about the ever-changing world of journalism. At center of this fascinating conversation is Matt’s journey from print journalism at the The Dallas Morning News to a contributor online at and from a weekday show on 103.3 ESPN radio to his ventures in podcasting with Ed Werder and The Doomsday Podcast and Brent Musberger and "You Are Looking Live." Matt reveals how his faith, friends, family and church uplifted him through difficult decisions he had to make along the way.

Good God Episode 40: Anti-Racism Leader Tim Wise

What can we learn about dismantling racism in our time? We can learn a lot from black activists who tell us about their experiences. But there is also something to be learned from white activists, those who work against racism in our society. Tim Wise is just such a one. He'll be talking with George Mason on this week's episode of Good God.

Good God Episode 36: Melissa Rogers

How can the church and government work together for the common good, meanwhile keeping the separation between church and state? George and Melissa Rogers, the former executive director of the White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships, discuss this and more on this weeks episode of Good God.

Good God Episode 35: Miguel Solis

What do you do when your newborn daughter is born with a life-threatening heart condition? Do you turn to faith? That's exactly what Miguel Solis and his wife, Jacqueline did. Listen to his amazing story on this week's episode of Good God.

Good God Episode 33: Tony Campolo

Are you a Baptist, Presbyterian, Evangelical or a non-denominational Christian? Our denominations have transformed over the last 20 years. George and renowned minister/speaker/sociologist Tony Campolo discuss this and Tony's progressive stances on LGBTQ marriage and other issues in the latest segment of God God.

Good God Episode 32: Dr. Brian Williams

Brian Williams was a surgeon on call at Parkland Hospital on July 7, 2016 and operated on the victims of the Dallas police shooting that launched the Back the Blue campaign. Hear how that night and its trauma, combined with the tragedies of the previous two days--the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile--positioned him to be a spokesperson and activist for racial justice.