Episode 43: Sharon Groves of Auburn Theological Seminary

In this episode of Good God, George Mason talks to Sharon Groves about her work in the world of progressive social justice activism. The hunger for faith and religion is strong in this sphere. Faith teaches us how to cross divides--social, political, and religious divides--to find true healing.

Sharon speaks about her personal journey to find faith, as a lesbian in the midst of a post 9/11 anti-war movement. She spent a decade working for the Human Rights Campaign, bringing faith leaders into that space. She now works at Auburn Theological Seminary, bringing people of moral courage together to create change in our communities.

George shares about his experience leading his congregation to become fully affirming of our LGBTQ friends, and how that has led to more openness to others' experiences of pain, love and faith.

Listen to their conversation, read along in the transcript below, or watch the full video episode here.

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