Good God Episode 25: Matt Mosley

Our latest guest dropped out of law school to pursue a career in sportswriting. He's regretted it every day since. No, actually it's been a fun ride from the Dallas Morning News to while co-hosting afternoon radio for 10 years. He now owns a podcasting company, which seems to confuse his friends and family. Matt Mosley and George have been pals for 20 years. This may be the first time they've discussed topics outside of sports.

Good God Episode 21: Hannah McMahan, Executive Director - New Baptist Covenant

Hannah McMahan and George Mason talk about the work of racial reconciliation, particularly through the New Baptist Covenant’s programs that bring black and white Christians together. Hannah is executive director of New Baptist Covenant, which was a vision of Jimmy Carter and other prominent Baptist leaders who sought to unite the Baptist church across racial lines. Across the country, diverse churches work together on issues of social justice and mission because of NBC’s Covenants of Actions.

Good God Episode 19: Rev. Andy Stoker

Good God's next guest, The Reverend Andy Stoker,  the pastor of First United Methodist Church of Dallas. If you know Andy, you won't be surprised that he thought he would grow up to be a comedian. Learn how his path took him from comedy to ministry, and what helped guide him along the way.